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We are ‘Fizz Equestrian’

Fizz is a unique and established marketing company that is submersed in the equine industry.

We work our best people hard to deliver their best abilities - to give you the best product that your company deserves. The integrated team of people work closely and harmoniously to deliver the clients key objective and deadline without fail. We keep the client closely involved, yet far enough removed to enable our best fresh thinking that exposes the maximum opportunity to deliver more than expectation.

“At Fizz, we're ambitious. Everyday we aspire to provide the best in our field and to make you look the best in yours. With extensive expertise in the latest in development techniques, we're able to provide our clients with a bespoke Internet presence.” – Jayne Gingell

MD & Marketing Expert

  • Name: Jayne Gingell
  • Bio: Fizz is headed up by marketing expert Jayne Gingell. Mentored and steered by Jeff Banks whilst on the prestigious fast track management scheme with Coates Viyella positioned her as marketing director of a £25 million pound company by the age of 24. Her career was high profile in the high street fashion industry developing textiles and launches for high street names M&S, Next and Top Shop in association with the annual London Graduate Fashion Week. Her passion for all things equine began as a little girl and grew into a huge desire that she had to financially support single handedly. Therefore the career to fund the equine passion was borne. Today the two roles sit side by side managing and growing Fizz whilst training and competing at dressage. Marrying into the Gingell family has seen more of the Fizz world become equine focused as the whole families history is now steeped in horses. Still to this day the family own the Cottenham point to point.

Senior Designer

  • Name: Julie Davies
  • Bio: A crucial member of the Fizz team. For over a decade Julie has honed her knowledge of horses through creative design. Her natural flair for design is now seen in many of the most prominent campaigns in the equine sector often she is the creator of several adverts in any one edition of Horse & Hound.

Online Senior Project Manager

  • Name: Mike Smith
  • Bio: His extensive experience and motivational manner enables him to proactively manage our team of two web coders and two quality testing coders enable us to create highly effective websites rapidly.

Journalism and PR

  • Name: Louise Clarke
  • Bio: Louise is a corporate journalist and professional copywriter with 16 years´ blue chip experience in a variety of public sector and private industries, financial services, IT, construction and association management. She works closely with the marketing team to ensure that the copywriting skills reflect the in depth industry and in house national press and TV experience.

Junior Designer

  • Name: Ami Clarke
  • Bio: Ami supports Julie in the detail of clients changes for campaigns to relieve Julie for the high creative projects. She also spends her time in an admin role for marketing and accounts as well as keeping the horses all ready to be worked in their daily routine.

Online Project Co-Ordinator

  • Name: Leon Johnson
  • Bio: Working alongside Mike, Leon keeps the whole team working closely together to ensure that all the details of all the projects that we handle remain smooth, consistent and on time.


  • Name: Evelyn Radnai
  • Bio:Evelyn is an Emmy Award Winning internationally recognized video editor with an extensive background in photography. She has worked for ABC news since 1983, covering breaking stories around the world from the Middle East to Africa and Europe. Her background in journalism has honed her eye for detail for Fizz clients to gain fabulous photography for our studio to work with. All these images on the site are shot by Evelyn.


  • Name: Alex Gingell
  • Bio: Alex, Jayne's husband, has been immersed in the Equine Industry his entire life. His achievements include being selected for the British Junior Eventing team, reaching 31 in the horse trials ranking in Eventing magazine, to dressage judging at list 4 level. At Fizz Alex is key to gaining new introdudctions from his wide and varied client base creating a rich source of new business that enables Fizz to keep focusing on creativity and design.


  • Name: James Bell
  • Bio: Chartered accountant James Bell supports Fizz with his accurate and swift accounting skills ensuring that all projects are handled financially as well as creatively.